CRISPR gene editing technology is another major breakthrough following TALEN technology. Upon searching “CRISPR-Cas9” within NCBI PubMed’s database, the results showed that the number of research articles increased year by year from 2002 to 2018 (as of May 26, 2018). Also, Nature, Cell, Science, and other world-class journals competed to report on this breakthrough gene editing technology. As we know, the occurrence and development of cancer is a highly complex process involving a multitude of genes and multi-channel interactions. Many scientists have been trying to solve the mechanism of cancer occurrence, development, and metastasis; CRISPR technology has driven the research progresses. Currently, CRISPR technology is used in almost all cancer research fields, from prevention to prognosis and treatment, greatly facilitating the transition from research to clinical fields.

Due to its high efficiency, low cost, convenient operation, and high commercial value, CRISPR gene editing technology soon attracted the attention of many investors and researchers. At present, CRISPR gene editing technology has fully blossomed in precision medicine, drug development, gene therapy, molecular breeding, and other fields.

Comprehensive Gene Editing Services | Synbio Technologies

Although gene editing has been popular for about ten years and has spawned many suppliers under the boom, few companies have truly comprehensive service capabilities. As a synthetic biology enabling technology company, Synbio Technologies has an integrated gene reading (Sequencing), writing (Synthesis), and editing (Engineering) platform. With advanced design and leading manufacturing processes, Synbio Technologies can quickly deliver high-quality products to our customers.

sgRNA Design

Relying on our proprietary design algorithm, Synbio Technologies’ experienced engineers can provide the sgRNA design of single genes, specific pathways, and whole genomes for animals, plants, and microorganisms. This allows for efficient genome editing and high-throughput screening.

sgRNA Library Design

sgRNA Library Synthesis

CRISPR-Cas9 sgRNA library synthesis is a high-throughput gene editing technique that enables simultaneous editing of multiple genes in a single signaling pathway or genome-wide. Synbio Technologies provides one-stop gene function screening services based on our CRISPR sgRNA libraries. Our Syno® HT high-throughput synthesis technology platform can synthesize hundreds of thousands, even millions, of sgRNAs on one chip at the same time to quickly deliver high-quality sgRNA libraries at an affordable cost.

sgRNA Bioinformatics Analysis

Combined with professional databases such as PRECOG, TCGA, and COSMIC, we can analyze gene expression levels, gene mutation rates, and relevance of clinical prognosis. This allows us to provide solutions for potential drug targets and personalized medicine. It could also help scientists find more genes to serve as therapeutic targets.

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