Synthetic DNA library synthesis is widely applied mechanism within various fields of research such as: discovery biology, protein engineering, structural biology, and gene expression. All of these fields of scientific research have revolutionized the world we live in today, through various means. One of the more popular discoveries in the genetics research community was the construction of the first synthetic DNA library. A synthetic DNA library is a pool of DNA fragm ents which is stored within a host micro-organism via molecular cloning. The resulting synthetic DNA library encodes variants of a common design and structure. Each fragment is stored in a separate host organism, such as bacterium. This offers a palpable advantage due to bacteria’s ability to quickly and accurately replicate the DNA to produce detectable quantities. This process allows us to have quick access to many different sequences of interest with ease and efficiency.

Compared with traditional methods for DNA synthesis

The traditional method of “design-build-test” routine to reach a genetic design to improve synthetic biology has been proven to be slow, poor, and unreliable. Due to this reason, an alternative method of generating a DNA libraries was discovered and utilized within the research community with higher frequency. With the Synthetic DNA library synthesis service, high performing genetic solutions will be worked out with ease and efficiency. The DNA library synthesis pool can achieve gene synthesis and cloning with a much faster, smarter, and more reliable approach. This allows for a much more accurate and efficient DNA library to be synthesized with the use of DNA synthesis. With a more accurate and efficient DNA library, various topics within genetics research will better understood and more effectively studied.

Synthetic DNA library synthesis makes biological engineering much more efficient

With DNA library synthesis based methods, highly complex sequences within synthetic biology can be engineered rapidly with high accuracy. It is a novel approach which allows for the customer specific DNA sequence to be more reliably synthesized and obtained with ease and higher accuracy. This also enables new biological systems and products to move toward potential revolutionary discoveries.

Custom Synthetic DNA library synthesis services

DNA synthesis allows us to synthesize gene libraries of any size and complexity, specific to the customer’s specifications. DNA library synthesis relies upon DNA synthesis, a method mastered by Synbio Technologies through our three phase Syno® Platform. This platform allows us to generate the customer specified DNA sequence of interest, up to and including 150 Kb in length, with one hundred percent accuracy. DNA synthesis is the technology that provides the foundation to meet the needs of the DNA library construction and maintenance. This strong foundation is important because DNA synthesis is the first step for generating DNA libraries. With the proper construction of DNA libraries researchers aim to identify novel genes and how each gene relates to various protein functions and structures.

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