Syno® 3.0 Chip-based DNA Synthesis

Our innovative Syno® 3.0 process allows us to offer the highest quality DNA fragments, de novo synthesized genes, pathways, genomes and variant libraries at the lowest price in the industry. The breadth of our product portfolio runs from short linear ssDNA fragments to long, sequence-perfect, clonal genes and genomes in any vector of choice.

The Syno® 3.0 Process

  • Proprietary DNA sequence analysis, optimization and design
  • Chip-based oligo-pool synthesis utilizing industry leading oligo-pool assembly and manipulation process
  • Proprietary error correction
  • Proprietary large fragment assembly up to 150 Kb and in vitro cloning procedure
  • Quality control including next gen sequencing for final sequence verification

The Syno® 3.0 platform offers:

  • Project consultant: Free
  • Sequence optimization (Optional): Free
  • Synthesis: Starting at 0.15 $/bp;
  • Turnaround Time: starting from 20 business days.

Our Customers Can:

  • Generate native DNA sequences
  • Create de novo DNA sequences
  • Build genes, chassis, operons, pathways and genomes
  • Build DNA variant library
  • Improve the features of a protein
  • Test all of the orthologs of a particular gene
  • Optimize any antibody through affinity maturation

The Syno® 3.0 process is scalable, which allows us to produce from 20 genes to 20,000 genes using the same process with the same turnaround time— in 30 business days or less. Our team handles  orders over 2,000,000 base pairs routinely.