sgRNA libraries serve as a powerful tool for high-throughput genome-wide screening. By silencing or activating gene expression in many target genes, these libraries establish vital connections between genes and phenotypes – replacing traditional research methods that focus on individual or low numbers of genes.

A single sgRNA library typically contains thousands to tens of thousands of sgRNAs, designed to target diverse target genes. Multiple sgRNAs can be designed for each gene to improve the ultimate success and efficiency of genome editing.

What are sgRNA libraries used for?

sgRNA libraries are perfect for high-throughput knockout of human genes, pathway genes, and specific gene families. If you aim to quickly identify genes related to drug targets, sgRNA libraries can be utilized to accelerate the drug development process. Alternatively, if you need precise gene editing at the cellular or tissue level, sgRNA libraries can fulfill your editing requirements for specific genes or gene families.

How do you choose the right sgRNA library?

CRISPR Knockout Library (KO): If the experimental goal is to knockout specific genes or gene families, a CRISPR KO library should be selected. This library utilizes sgRNA to specifically recognize target sequences, guide the Cas9 endonuclease to cut the target sequences, cause DNA double-strand breaks – overall achieving gene knockout.

CRISPR Activation Library (CRISPRa): If you want to upregulate gene expression, a CRISPRa library should be chosen. This library accomplishes the upregulation of target genes by fusing the dCas9 protein with transcription activation factors, such as VP64.

CRISPR Interference Library (CRISPRi): If the experimental goal is to interfere with or downregulate gene expression, a CRISPRi library should be selected. This library achieves the interference of target gene expression by connecting the dCas9 protein with transcription repressor factors, such as KRAB.

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