Humanized antibody (library) service

Traditional humanized antibody library mainly refers to a group of re-expressed antibody which is transformed by gene cloning and DNA recombination technology based on mouse monoclonal antibody. Most of its amino acid sequence was replaced by human source sequence. The affinity and specificity of the parental mouse monoclonal antibody are basically reserved, while its heterology is decreased, which is beneficial to be applied to human body.

In order to reduce immune side effects of heterologous antibody to human body, Synbio Tech. designed and developed unique antibody humanization strategy based on advanced synthetic biology concepts and technologies. Through the integration of advanced synthetic biology database technology and efficient phage display and cell surface display technology, it can provide fast and efficient antibody humanized services. Effective humanized antibody can be observed only after several rounds of screening with highly efficient screening method. Additionally, Synbio Tech. can not only design humanized antibody but also construct a humanized antibody library.

Humanized antibody (library) service Advantages

  • Fast speed: a whole library can be completed within 12 weeks
  • High library capacity: can reach more than 10
  • Strong experience: with more than 10 years of experience in humanized antibody library


  • Monoclonal antibody sequencing
  • Design and construction of humanized antibody library
  • Screening and evaluation of humanized antibody library

Delivery products

  • Lyophilized plasmid DNA (10µg), 5ml glycerol stock
  • Sequencing chromatogram: results of random colonies sequencing (free)
  • Report of product COA

Optional: If there is a need for additional clone sequencing report, the price is 5 dollars / reaction.