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Synthetic biology is the artificial design and engineering of biological systems and living organisms for purposes of improving applications for industry or biological research. The subject combines engineering principles and molecular biology techniques to produce novel biological solutions. Synbio Technologies developed phenotype platform to provide integrated solutions accelerating synthetic biology researches.

Phenotype is the translated feature and function of a certain genotype. The interaction between a host cell (Genotype) and a synthesized gene (Synotype) often represents the significance of a designed phenotype. Synbio Technologies’ phenotype platform is built on our scientific knowledge and expertise that is focusing on a systematic and cost-effective DNA molecule’s performance evaluation in a determined cell system,promoting the development of synthetic biology.

Synbio Technologies’ phenotype platform services include:

Genome Editing Applications

CRISPR-Cas9 is considered as the most remarkable gene editing tool which is widely applied in all species. Based on the efficient and customized features, CRISPR-Cas9 has an important application in agriculture, biological technologies and medical treatment.

Antibody Engineering

Synbio Technologies can provide monoclonal antibody sequencing, humanized antibody library designing and constructing, humanized antibody library screening and evaluating. Synbio Technologies is competent to construct humanized antibody library with fast speed and high library capacity by synthetic biology approaches.

Directed evolution

Protein directed evolution service of Synbio Technologies provides a variety of methods to from gene mutation including site-directed mutagenesis library, random mutant library, sequence combinatorial library and non-frame shift truncation library.

Genetic Engineering Vaccine

Through synthetic biology technology, Synbio Technologies can produce genetic engineering vaccine in the form of antigen library, antigen protein purification and targets identification.

DNA Digital Data Storage

DNA is an ideal media for information storage due to its large storage capacity and stability.Synbio Technologies has developed proprietary DNA studioTMsoftware applies to the bi-directional transformation between digital information and DNA sequence. Combining with our Syno®3.0 high-throughput DNA synthesis platform, we can easily store the digital information into synthesized DNA.