Moore’s law suggests that the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles about every two years while the cost halves.

The law applies to DNA sequencing (DNA “reading”) since 2000 and the force of the law drives exponential growth in sequencing industry that is forecasted to grow to $6.6 billion over the year 2016.

The force driven the law in DNA synthesizing (DNA “writing”) has not been emerging. For decades, Synbio Technologies’ team focuses on DNA synthesis technologies and commits to explore a driving force linked to Moore’s law in synthesis industry.

  • Synbio technologies’ cutting edge Syno® 3.0 platform offers DNA synthesis starts at $0.09/bp.
  • Syno® 2.0 platform gene synthesis promotion: starting from $0.19/bp.
  • Patent pending DNA library design and synthesis provide a powerful tool to build up the “high performing” molecules.

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