–From decoding to design

Synbio Technologies’ genotype platform has been developed by a team of expert molecular biologists, bioinformatics scientists and researchers. Based on our distinctive scientific knowledge and patent pending technologies, our genotype platform is focusing on: 1) high quality next generation sequencing (NGS) and deep data analysis; 2) immuno-sequencing and sequencing antibody repertoires; 3) designing of high performing DNA/protein molecules, systems, and pathways. Our platforms and outcomes have already been validated by many partners in synthetic biology, bio-pharmaceutical and bio-fuel industries.

Synbio Technologies’ genotype platform services

Gene/genome analysis

Synbio Technologies has established the gold standard, Sanger sequencing platform along with high-throughput NGS platform. The specific services include Sanger sequencing, SNP detection and analysis, bacterial species identification, NGS, monoclonal antibody sequencing.


DNA/Protein molecule optimization and design; biological system/pathway design

Bioinformatics analyses