The development of antibody engineering has gone through three main stages:
1. Polyclonal antibody: Immunizing animals with an antigen containing multiple antigenic determinants can stimulate the body to produce different antibodies against multiple antigenic epitopes. The obtained immune serum will contain the polyclonal antibodies produced by this process.
2. Monoclonal antibody: Homologous antibody produced by a B cell clone that recognizes an epitope.
3. Gene Engineering Antibody (Recombinant Engineering Antibody): By using recombinant DNA and protein engineering technology, an antibody gene can be processed and transformed into the antibody expressed in the appropriate receptor cells.

Hybridoma Sequencing Technologies

Hybridoma cells are at risk of gene loss, cell activity weakening, or even death. Hybridoma sequencing technology can obtain the corresponding sequence of hybridoma cells, and then obtain a stable and large amount of antibodies in the form of recombinant proteins. Not only does it save the cost of cell storage, but also it can ensure the accuracy of the gained sequence.

Recombinant Engineering Antibody Technologies

Recombinant antibody technology makes it possible to prepare both humanized antibodies and human antibodies, which is impossible for other conventional polyclonal or monoclonal antibody preparation methods. The production of antibodies by recombinant engineering does not require traditional animal immunity and can achieve large-scale and repeated production in a short period of time. The application of recombinant antibody technology is inseparable from hybridoma sequencing technology. The sequence of hybridoma cells can be transformed and synthesized by gene synthesis technology. Then, protein expression can be carried out in the appropriate protein expression cells to generate various types of recombinant antibodies. This provides important support for disease research and drug development and other researches.

One Stop Solution From Hybridoma Sequencing To Recombinant Antibody — Synbio Technologies

Synbio Technologies provides a one stop solution to recombinant antibody research. We can accurately obtain hybridoma sequences from any species (including mouse, rat, hamster, rabbit, etc.) or isotype. With the combination of our proprietary Syno® gene synthesis platform and high-throughput antibody manufacturing, your final recombinant antibody products will be delivered to support your scientific research in both a timely and cost-effective manner.

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