By the end of 2022, it is estimated that there will be 1,918,030 new cancer cases and 609,360 cancer deaths in the United States. Breast cancer ranks first among new cancer cases, while lung cancer ranks first among cancer deaths. Lung cancer is the main cause of cancer deaths, causing about 350 deaths every day.

As one of the most serious diseases threatening human health and life, the incidence and mortality numbers of cancer have been very high. The main cause of cancer is the accumulation of mutations or genetic defects in the genome of tumor cells, which leads to tumor formation and promotes the development and evolution of tumors. Therefore, repairing tumor cell genes or silencing the expression of specific proteins has become an important means to study the process of tumor occurrence and development while further exploring tumor therapy.

CRISPR gene editing technology has the characteristics of simple operation and high gene editing efficiency. It can provide new technical support and research ideas for the functional research of tumor related genes. So far, CRISPR technology has been used to establish various types of cancer models, which has significantly promoted the process of cancer diagnosis and treatment.

With the establishment of high-throughput CRISPR library screening technology, CRISPR technology provides a better solution for studying the mechanisms of tumor occurrence and development, development of anticancer drugs, and tumor treatment. The high-throughput library screening strategy, based on CRISPR technology, involves many processes, including the design and synthesis of sgRNA, the construction of Cas9 cell lines, virus packaging, high-throughput sequencing, bioinformatics analysis, candidate genes verification, etc. The construction process and screening effect of CRISPR libraries can be improved by some technical means, such as the design of sgRNA, optimization of sgRNA quantity, selection of more appropriate monoclonal Cas9 protein expressing cells, etc. The application of CRISPR libraries in mammalian cells will undoubtedly provide great help for tumor research and other related disease mechanisms.

CRISPR Library Construction Services | Synbio Technologies
CRISPR-Cas9 sgRNA library synthesis is a high-throughput gene editing technique that enables simultaneous editing of multiple genes in a single signaling pathway or genome-wide. Synbio Technologies provides one-stop gene function screening services based on our CRISPR sgRNA libraries. Our Syno® HT high-throughput synthesis technology platform can synthesize hundreds of thousands, even millions, of sgRNAs on one chip at the same time to quickly deliver high-quality sgRNA libraries at an affordable cost.

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