Synthetic biology refers to the design and construction of novel biological components, systems, and technologies through logic and existing biological knowledge. Synthetic biology is a relatively new discipline, emerging during the 20th century. Since then, many breakthroughs have been achieved in research on the synthesis of biological materials, especially in recent years. Compared to traditional biology, which focuses on the internal, structural, and functional investigation of organisms via dissection or other traditional biology, synthetic biology instead focuses on constructing biological technologies from basic elements. Synthetic biology also differs from genetic engineering, which focuses on extension and modification of an organism’s genetic material and its transfer to another organism. Some main concepts in synthetic biology are as follows:

  1. Synthetic biology touches upon synthesis and modularization of various molecules as well as sub-cellular module construction by utilizing biological synthesis genetic networks and metabolism and signaling pathways.
  2. Develop platforms that optimize biological and non-biological carriers to raise the efficiency of engineering systems, reduce maintenance level and cost, and provide robustness and environmental compatibility.
  3. Regulate communication systems including feedback and feed-forward mechanisms of biological gadgets, as well as modularization of their behavior and means of communication.
  4. Conduct simulations and algorithm forecasts, and build relevant software systems for various functional modules. In particular, computer-aided technology is an effective tool to reduce experimental costs and complexity.

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