Synbio Tech., a leading international synthetic biology service company, recently announced a new partnership with ALSTEM, LLC, a US biotech company, with the aim of developing various human CRISPR-sgRNA libraries. These libraries will provide novel approaches for characterizing target and drug resistance genes of therapeutic significance. Related applications also promise to accelerate new drug development and advance the understanding of essential genes related to cancer. Applied to sgRNA primer chip synthesis technology, these libraries hold significant value of understanding the activity of pluripotent stem cell. Theses two companies will cooperate in product development for high throughput oligonucleotide synthesis and virus library applications, both with wide ranging potential for life science research.

About Synbio Tech.

With its Syno® technology platform as a foundation, Synbio Tech. provides efficient services for next generation recombinant antibody libraries, the synthesis of genomic chromosomes, and advanced DNA data storage capabilities.

Synbio Tech. has established a complete synthetic biology platform from the synthesis of oligonucleotides and DNA fragments to the construction of chromosome genomes. Syno®3.0, the world’s most advanced next generation of synthetic biology technology platform, provides high throughput DNA chip synthesis with exceptionally low cost. At the same time, we leveraged our Syno® synthetic technology platform, to design and develop an advanced biological technology transformation and application platform, the Synbio GPS platform. In alignment with the central dogma of biology, the platform connects genotype/design and phenotype/application with the new, creation enabling, synotype. Through these “design – creation – application” technologies, Synbio Tech. enables gene discovery, and thereby advances genetic understanding and its potential to improve our lives.


Founded in 2012 by a team of scientists with deep experience at academic and industrial institutions, ALSTEM advances possibilities for stem cell research, virus packaging, genome editing, and cell immortalization. ALSTEM products have applications in wide-ranging life science areas including drug discovery, cell therapy, regenerative medicine, personalized medicine, toxicity testing, and metabolism. ALSTEM services extend the capacity and efficiency of research teams at large and small institutions worldwide. ALSTEM provides quick, responsive, expertise, with an unsurpassed value ratio of deliverables to cost. ALSTEM’s accessible scientists have a successful track record, and bring an agile mindset to meeting and exceeding client expectations with quick turnaround times.

ALSTEM puts customer needs at the center of its guiding principles. This allows ALSTEM to become an extension of our customers’ lab, and take a pride of ownership in their contribution toward mutual success.