SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – July 11, 2017 – Twist Bioscience, a company accelerating science and innovation through rapid, high-quality DNA synthesis, today announced that it signed a non-exclusive agreement with Synbio Technologies. The companies will partner their respective capabilities to provide customers with access to long-length genes up to 70 kilobases.

“We are thrilled to partner with Twist Bioscience to provide next generation DNA manufacturing and long-length DNA assembly at a commercial scale to customers around the world,” commented Ping Yang, Ph.D., CEO of Synbio Technologies. “By leveraging our collective expertise in next-generation gene synthesis, we believe we will see new uses of DNA to improve the diagnosis and treatment of disease.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Twist Bioscience will manufacture synthetic DNA up to 3.2 kilobases in length to Synbio Technologies, who will then create genes up to 70 kilobases in length. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

“Partnering with Synbio Technologies provides another validation of the industry consolidating behind our disruptive, scalable DNA synthesis platform and confirms our ability to consistently deliver high throughput, high quality DNA,” said Emily M. Leproust, Ph.D., CEO of Twist Bioscience. “In addition, the agreement adds geographic reach for our synthetic DNA into the Chinese marketplace where Synbio Technologies has an established foothold in multiple market segments.”

About Twist Bioscience
At Twist Bioscience, our expertise is accelerating science and innovation by leveraging the power of scale. We have developed a proprietary semiconductor-based synthetic DNA manufacturing process featuring a high throughput silicon platform capable of producing synthetic biology tools, including genes, oligonucleotide pools and variant libraries. By synthesizing DNA on silicon instead of on traditional 96-well plastic plates, our platform overcomes the current inefficiencies of synthetic DNA production, and enables cost-effective, rapid, high-quality and high throughput synthetic gene production, which in turn, expedites the design, build and test cycle to enable personalized medicines, pharmaceuticals, sustainable chemical production, improved agriculture production, diagnostics and biodetection. We are also developing new technologies to address large scale data storage. For more information, please visit

About Synbio Technologies
Synbio Technologies is a biotechnology company which focuses on both next generation DNA technology and its applications. Synbio Technologies’ world leading GPS platform is an advanced biotechnology transformation and application platform based on biology’s central dogma. This innovative GPS platform introduces Synotype (S), to be combined with Genotype (G) and Phenotype (P). With this Syno® platform we are confident in our ability to meet all of our customers’ various needs, which include the construction of a humanized antibody libraries, optimization of industrial enzymes, chromosome/genome synthesis, genetically engineered vaccines, molecular breeding and DNA informatics storage technology. For more information, please visit