MiniCircle DNA (mcDNA) is a group of small-circular supercoiled DNA molecules, which are considered to be the minimum unit of plasmid DNA required to fulfill a designed function in an organism, such as the expression of a gene of interest. Compared with the typical standard plasmid DNA, MiniCircle DNA lacks an unnecessary segment of DNA commonly, known as the “backbone”. The removal of the backbone part results in a much smaller molecule which is more feasible and accessible to work with in a laboratory setting.

Synbio Technologies specially has developed an advanced MiniCircle DNA preparation technology to provide the high-quality MiniCircle DNA to a wide range of scientific research institutions, academic organizations, and to global biotechnology/biopharmaceutical companies. We accomplish this by starting with the individual genetic sequence you request, conduct professional design and construct high-quality and highly efficient mcDNA.

Synbio Technologies’ MiniCircle production removes the redundant backbone sequences completely and circumvents common concerns such as antibiotic resistance and transgenic complications. The customized mcDNA vector system will help with multiple research requirements including transfection, DNA vaccine and antibody production as well as pre-clinical animal studies.

Competitive Advantages

  • GMP-Like Manufacturing Pipeline
  • ISO9001/2015 Quality Management
  • Efficient MiniCircle DNA Producing Procedure
  • On-Time Delivery

Service Procedure

Quality Control

Synbio Technologies’ MiniCircle DNA preparation service focuses on generating customized high-quality mcDNA products. To accomplish this, we have strict quality control measures in place designed to increase the quality, stability and reduce batch difference. In doing so we can satisfy our customers’ every request.

Quality Cpontrol Standard Range Measurement Technique
Appearance Clear and Transparent Visual Inspection
A260/280 Analysis 1.8-2.00 UV Spectrophotometer
Concentration Up to 5mg/ml, default 1±0.05 mg/ml UV Spectrophotometer
MiniCircle Percentage >95% Density Scan on Agarose Gel
Supercoil Percentage Analysis >95% Density Scan on Agarose Gel
Plasmid Precursor Residue Not Detectable Visual Inspection on Agarose Gel
RNA Residue Analysis Not Detectable Visual Inspection on Agarose Gel
Genomic DNA Analysis Not Detectable Visual Inspection on Agarose Gel
Sterility Assurance No clone growth on LB plate > 48h Incubate products on LB plate for >48h
Restriction Enzyme Analysis (optional) As expected with no other minor band Incubate with enzyme and analyze on Agarose gel
Sequence Verification (optional) Correct DNA Sequencing
Endotoxin Analysis (Optional) <0.005EU/μg or lower Endotoxin Analysis Assay

Featured Services

Starting Materials
(One of the following)
1.Your request gene sequence (extra synthesis fee) 2.>10 ng DNA sample (diluted with ddH2O or TE buffer) 3.Colonies (fresh) or bacteria stored in glycerol
Quantity 0.5mg,1mg,2mg,5mg
Edotoxin <0.005 EU/µg
Price Quote
Turnaround Time 4-6 Weeks
Quality Control Methods Basic Quality Control Tests
Standard Delivery Package Contains Prepared MiniCircle DNA Certificate of Analysis (COA) QC Report

Note: The price system is based on high copy number plasmids (yield > 0.1mg plasmid per 1 g cell paste). If the pilot yield estimation assay produces < 0.1mg plasmid per 1 g cell paste, the price is subjected to change after discussion with the customer.

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