With the breakthrough in synthetic biology and system biology, de novo synthesized DNA and RNA molecules or variant libraries are widely used in pharmaceutical, agriculture, biofuel and biological/chemical production. As our understanding of DNA sequences (Genotype) and biological functions (Phenotype) increases, the ability to design and synthesize (Synotype) genes, genomes, pathways, and organisms by using synthetic biology techniques is also improving quickly. Synbio Technologies has created the comprehensive Synotype platforms for biological researchers that dedicate to integrating the cutting edge synthetic biology techniques and bio-informatic tools into an advanced biological innovation platform.

GPS Platform

  • Synotype PlatformWe coined “Synotype” while we established the company. “Synotype” represents a novel approach to phenotype by unnatured DNA. Synbio Technologies’ Synotype platform was conceived, designed and implemented with synthetic biology technology to produce:
    1. A novel approach to deepen our knowledge on genotying (reading by writing);
    2. A simple approach to characterize phenotyping (understanding by writing);
    3. A quick approach to study the correlations of genotyping and phenotyping (linking by writing);
    4. A cost effective approach to design and produce the novel sequence and subsequent function traits (creating by writing).

    The Synotype approach platform utilizes the innovative Syno® 1.0-Syno® 3.0 DNA synthetic platforms to provide a wide range of one-stop solutions for any synthetic DNA projects.

    1. High quality de novo DNA synthesis
    2. Cost-effective DNA synthesis
    3. High throughput DNA manufacture
  • Genotype Platform
    Synbio Technologies genotype platform is a data mining and DNA design platform, concentrating on:

    1. High-quality next generation sequencing (NGS) with data analysis
    2. High-performing design for DNA and protein molecules
    3. Immuno-sequencing and antibody sequencing.

    Our improving genotype platform has been successfully utilized by synthetic biology, bio-pharmaceutical and biofuel industries.

  • Phenotype PlatformThe aim of Phenotype platform is to make every “idea” of DNA into reality. The interaction between a host cell (Genotype) and a synthesized DNA (Synotype) often represent the significance of a designed phenotype. Synbio Technologies’ phenotype platform is built on our scientific knowledge and expertise that is focusing on a systematic and cost-effective DNA molecule’s performance evaluation in a determined cell system. Depending on our scientific knowledge and expertise, we have made great contribution to various fields.