Recently, gene synthesis has become an extremely popular and effective method to conduct genetic research. This rise in popularity stems from the ease of use as well as the effective results. In short, gene synthesis can be described as the creation of a synthetic genetic sequence specified by the user. Recently, the genetic sequence of interest must have been present within an organism to be extracted and later studied. Gene synthesis allows researchers to bypass this step entirely, creating the sequence of interest and converting the sequence from text format to physical copy with ease. This accessibility has caused multiple companies to participate in this groundbreaking technology within the field of genetics. As the gene synthesis industry has grown drastically, companies have competed to become the best at synthesizing genes. At Synbio Technologies we pride ourselves as being one of the leading companies within this gene synthesis industry. This pride and confidence is mainly relying upon our, patent pending, Syno® Platforms. It is the three phases of this platform that separates us from any other company in the gene synthesis industry, allowing us to serve you with a high quality product, with an efficient time frame and competitive prices.

The first platform that Synbio Technologies offers, the Syno® 1.0 Platform, is an industrialized DNA chemical synthesis platform. Essentially, this platform specializes in the formation of oligos. An oligo can be described as a short fragment of DNA or RNA molecule. These oligos have a wide range of functions in various fields of genetic research including forensics, and genetic testing. In order to accomplish the output of high quality oligos, Synbio Technologies has four steps within this mechanism. First, the DNA sequence of interest is analyzed and designed. Once this complete, CG-base oligo synthesis is conducted. This step includes industry leading and manufacturing process which allows for the highest quality oligos. In order to increase the quality, the oligos are then purified using the proprietary purification process. Finally, there is then an additional step of quality assessment using MS analysis to verify the created oligos are what the user requested. The Syno® 1.0 Platform has a wide range of applications using this four part mechanism. Some applications include generating native DNA sequences, creating de novo DNA sequences, and constructing degenerated oligo libraries and so on. All of these processes have been utilized and proven with the use of oligo synthesis. This is just the first step in the process, which has allowed Synbio Technologies to become one of the premier companies in the gene synthesis industry. The remaining two platforms are what really separate us from the competition.

The Syno® 2.0 Platform focuses on PCR based gene synthesis and is an aspect that Synbio Technologies prides itself as being one of the leaders in the biotechnology and gene synthesis industries. Synbio Technologies is capable of synthesizing a wide range of gene lengths up to and including 150 Kb. The process as to how these genes are synthesized are constantly verified for accuracy as well as quality. The resulting synthesized gene product is guaranteed to be one hundred percent identity to the user specified requested sequence. The resulting synthesized gene can then be applied in various types of genetic research. One major application that differs from many others is the ability to generate de novo DNA sequences. This aspect has revolutionized genetic research since the early 1970s, increasing in quality and effectiveness along the way. The creation of these de novo DNA sequences has allowed researchers to develop more effective vaccinations, generate variant libraries, and improve the features of protein. It is the basis of so many crucial fields of genetic research. At Synbio Technologies we offer the highest quality gene synthesis product with the most competitive prices in the gene synthesis industry. We pride ourselves with the accuracy of our product which we are able to provide our users.

The third and final platform, the Syno® 3.0 Platform, specializes in oligo pool synthesis. This platform is described as a chip-based next generation DNA synthesis platform. Essentially, this platform allows us to generate the highest quality DNA fragments, de novo synthesized genes, small genomes, and variant libraries. In addition to this, the high quality output of these various genetic materials is provided to the user at the lowest prices in the gene synthesis industry. The process that this platform follows is very similar to that of the Syno® 1.0 Platform with some small and necessary alterations. First the proprietary DNA sequences are designed, analyzed and optimized. Once this is complete, the chip-based oligo pool synthesis process begins. This step utilizes the, industry leading, oligo-pool assembly and manipulation process. After that, there is proprietary error correction, allowing for a quality control and improving the resulting output. Then large fragment assembly, up to 150 Kb, is conducted. Once this is finished, the final step is to run a quality control including next generation sequencing. This final step allows for the resulting sequence to be verified and one hundred percent accurate. Overall, the applications of this platform are similar to that of the previous Syno® 1.0 and 2.0 Platforms. The user can generate native and de novo DNA sequences, build genes, chassis, operons, pathways and small genomes, as well as generate DNA variant libraries. In addition to these features, this platform offers a unique aspect which allows the process to be scalable. This means that it will take the same amount of time to produce 20,000 genes as it would to produce 20 genes, making the Syno® 3.0 Platform more effective. These features are what make the Syno® 3.0 Platform extremely valuable to many users.