Gene synthesis is a fundamental technique in synthetic biology, allowing for the creation of unique synthetic genes that would be difficult or impossible to obtain naturally. In order to express a synthetic gene in an efficient and controlled way, expression vectors are often used to introduce the gene into a cell, after which the cell’s own gene expression system is used to synthesize the target protein.

Common Gene Synthesis Vector Types

There are three main categories of carriers that constitute vector systems in gene synthesis engineering: plasmids, bacteriophages and viruses. One of the most widely used expression vectors is that of Escherichia coli due to its ease of growth, rapid reproduction, and ease of transformation with exogenous DNA. Others include integration vectors, bacteriophage vector promotion, or shuttle vectors in S. cerevisiae.

Occasionally, a series of pGEX vectors (-1T, -2T, -3T), GST (glutathione S-trasferase) system, pEZZ18 are utilized for specific expression systems. Several variants transformed from pBluescript Ⅱ SK(+), together with pUC18, pUC19, pUC57, are also selected for certain projects.

Synbio Technologies are able to synthesize a large variety of target DNA and clone them into any vector as requested, regardless of the specifications of the project or the approach required. We guarantee a highly accurate and high-yield product at a low cost and with rapid turnaround.

Gene Synthesis Vector Design Application

Synbio Technologies provides two main approaches for amplifying DNA sequences via PCR cloning and subcloning technology. For DNA or amino acid sequences provided by customers, Synbio Technologies will synthesize error-free DNA de novo by request. Our proprietary Syno®gene synthesis platform can perfectly achieve enzymatic assembly through limited short DNA fragments. Even genes with challenging characteristics such as repetitive sequences, complex secondary structure, and high (>80%) or low (20%) GC content as well as long polypyrimidine runs, can be synthesized correctly.

Additionally, our professional Syno®Codon software can compute and optimize codon selection for original sequences or specific vectors. Any synthetic vector meeting our requirements can be quickly and accurately delivered at an economical price. Synbio Technologies can insert any target gene into any site of any vector, and can guarantee a high-quality, fully accurate final product for gene synthesis.