Gene Synthesis and Cloning is an integral part of many research pipelines. There are two popular methods of genetic cloning: DNA amplification by use of subcloning and polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The former needs more time and resource consuming, while the latter spends less time and cost effectively. Traditionally, subcloning was commonly used for amplification. But recently PCR has become much more effective and popular. The popularity of amplification by subcloning may have dwindled because it requires multiple steps. The process starts with the removal of the genetic sequence of interest using specific restriction enzymes. This same restriction enzyme is then used to open up the plasmid where the genetic sequence will be inserted into. This creates “sticky ends” which allow the genetic sequence to be more easily inserted. The genetic sequences is then added into a plasmid and sealed in place with DNA ligase. The plasmid is subcequently inserted into bacteria where the genetic sequence of interest is amplified and later extracted. This is a somewhat laborious process when compared to PCR. PCR has very simple steps: extracting the genetic sequence of interest and loading it into the machine. The sequence of interest is then rapidly amplified with a high quality output. The amplified sequence can then be used to in various research topics specific to the user. Amplification of these sequences were once restricted to only allow preexisting sequences to be extracted and amplified, but recent technology has allowed a small change in this.

The interesting aspect that Synbio Technologies offers is the ability to synthesize the genetic sequence of interest, as opposed to extracting the preexisting sequence from an organism. This technology is referred to as our Syno®2.0 Platform, which allows Synbio Technologies to successfully synthesize any desired genetic sequence, specified by the user. The lengths of these sequences can vary from a small as a few hundred base pairs to up to 150 Kb or even more in length. The Syno®2.0 Platform provides an extremely effective and revolutionary approach to genetic research. Traditionally, the sequence of interest must be present within a genome of an organism to then be extracted and later amplified. This platform allows us to synthetically create a sequence that does not need to be preexisting within any organism. The Syno®2.0 Platform allows us to move from a text file of the user specified sequence to the physical genetic constructs, bypassing the previous stipulation of extracting the preexisting sequence. The resulting synthetic products is then analyzed using Sanger Sequencing in order to verify and guarantee one hundred percent accuracy. Once successful, Synbio Technologies offers the option to clone this sequence as many times as necessary. This is done by use of either PCR or subcloning, both of which are extremely effective mechanisms to amplify the genetic sequence. The process of gene synthesis and later gene cloning allows Synbio Technologies to supply the researcher with a sufficient amount of genetic material needed within an efficient timeframe.

Synbio Technologies also offers PCR cloning if the requested sequence of interest is already present and does not need to be synthetically engineered. First the provided sequence will be verified using Sanger Sequencing in order to account for one hundred percent accuracy. The resulting verified sequence will then be put through our flexible and reliable pipeline of gene cloning. Using patent pending, Syno®2.0 Platform and Clone®3.1 system, Synbio Technologies is able to achieve inserting any sequence of interest into any site of a vector specified by the user. This allows the user to specify which restriction enzyme to use, both for the extraction of genetic sequence, as well as the restriction enzyme used on the plasmid. These wide range of possibilities allows the researcher to design a location within a specific vector in order to amplify the sequence of interest. This specificity is something that Synbio Technologies is very proud of, allowing us to adhere to any requests that the user might have while also providing a high quality output in the process.

At Synbio Technologies we pride ourselves as being one of the leading companies in the biotechnology industry, especially when referring to gene synthesis. We offer both accurate and time effective approaches to gene synthesis and gene cloning. The genetic sequence of interest will be Sanger Sequenced and verified for both genetically synthesized sequences as well as sequences provided by the user. This allows us to verify that the sequence, as well as the resulting amplified sequences, are extremely accurate before shipping the resulting product to the user. If the DNA sequence of interest has not yet been sequenced with high quality, we will conduct sequence validation in order to verify the accuracy before amplification. In addition to the accuracy and time efficiency, Synbio Technologies offers competitive prices for both gene synthesis and cloning of your sequence of interest. With competitive prices, along with the verified accuracy and time efficiency, Synbio Technologies is ready to offer customers a unique pipeline to utilize and rely on when conducting various types of genetic research that including gene synthesis and gene cloning.