With the growth of DNA synthesis techniques, especially the focus on automation and automatic technologies, we can more easily, rapidly, and efficiently synthesize DNA fragments. The applications of synthetic DNA encompass a broad spectrum ranging from genetic circuits and metabolic pathways to synthetic genomes. DNA synthesis is an essential technique in molecular biology and plays a vital role in various disciplines, such as genetic engineering, and clinical diagnosis/treatment.

DNA Synthesis in Molecular Biology

According to the clarified nucleotide sequence and amino acid sequence, we can synthesis the polypeptide and protein gene which can be applied in actual production and research. So far, various genes have been synthetic and expressed successfully in eukaryotic system, such as human growth hormone, interferon, insulin, interleukin etc.

DNA Synthesis Applications in Medicine

As our technology has become more powerful, our understanding of many diseases has become more sophisticated, from the organ and tissue level to the molecular and genetic level. As a result, new discoveries have allowed us to tackle genetic diseases in ways that we could not previously. For example, fluorescent probes can detect potentially harmful deletions in certain genes, proving to be a valuable tool for clinical diagnosis.

DNA Synthesis Application in Synthetic Biology

A valuable domain of synthetic biology is metabolic engineering. By engineering parallel metabolic systems that interface with natural cellular metabolic machinery, researchers can program cells for practical applications including the synthesis of cost effective chemicals or drugs. In one demonstration by Keasling and colleagues, the construction of a biosynthetic artemisinin pathway in yeast enabled the microbial production of this antimalarial compound at one-tenth of the cost of conventional production method of harvesting from the rare Artemisia annua plant.

Synbio Technologies concentrates primarily on DNA synthesis technologies. We have established our proprietary Syno® gene synthetic platform which can provide a variety of services including oligonucleotide synthesis, fluorescent probe labeling, and synthesize gene/genome, pathway and DNA library. We can also provide materials and supplies for clients in various disciplines, such as biological medicine, molecular diagnosis, industrial enzyme, bio-fuel, modern agriculture, environmental protection and surveillance and DNA storage.