Synbio Technologies was recently interviewed for BCC Research’s Innovation Spotlight regarding DNA Data storage. BCC Research is a famous marketing analysis company focusing on bio-tech and the bio-pharm industry. BBC Research indicates that the DNA data storage industry is facing tremendous opportunities, its own critical mass of enabling technologies such as DNA sequencing, DNA synthesis, coding, uniting with multidisciplinary initiatives forces such as the Molecular Information Storage (MIST) program, the OligoArchive project, the DNA Data Storage Alliance, etc., to create a new milestone event.

BCC sat down with Synbio Technologies to talk about DNA data storage’s present and future. Synbio Technologies specializes in synthetic biology and has created the comprehensive Synotype platforms for the design and synthesis of genes, genomes, pathways, and even unnatural DNA sequences. Moreover, we are committed to develop efficient algorithms that will help expedite the translation from digital information into DNA. DNA data storage is the process of encoding and decoding binary data to and from synthesized strands of DNA or RNA. It has the potential to exponentially increase data storage capabilities, and can also theoretically be preserved indefinitely. In the next 10~15 years, we hypothesize that with the advent of portable sequencers, data retrieving will continue to get easier and faster. Ultimately, this makes DNA as a form of digital information storage even more feasible and accessible.

If you are interested in reading the BCC Research report, please download the .pdf file.