Synbio Technologies’ proprietary NGTMCodon optimization software provides customers with free codon optimization services bundled with gene synthesis. Our NGTM Codon optimization software optimizes gene sequences based on different expression systems to maximize protein expression.

NGTM Codon optimization software advantages:

  • Elimination of codon usage bias
    Codon usage bias refers to the differences in frequency of synonymous codons in coding DNA, and exists in a wide variety of organisms. The most frequently used codon is called the optimal codon, and lower frequency codons are called rare codons. Synbio Technologies’ proprietary codon optimization software, NGTM Codon optimizes the usage of both the optimal codon and the rare codons to achieve superior protein expression.
  • Fine-tuning secondary structure of mRNA
    The secondary structure of mRNAs play an active role in the translation process. The complexity and stability of mRNA secondary structure both greatly affect the smoothness of the translation process, in particular, secondary structure near the ribosome binding site (RBS) is crucial. NGTM Codon can effectively identify and minimize hairpin structures in mRNA, effectively optimize the original sequence, and generate significant improvements in protein expression.
  • Removal of negative cis-acting elements and restriction sites
    NGTM Codon was designed to eliminate multiple obstacles during transcription and translation by minimizing negative cis-acting elements that interfere with transcription and translation.

Case study:Targeting protein was reproducibly expressed in E. coli after codon optimization by NGTM Codon.