Antibody library techniques have not only enabled the simple and convenient production of genetically engineered antibodies, but have also provided a new way to manufacture humanized antibodies. The antibody library was first amplified from B cells by PCR in the heavy and light chain of the antibody and then ligated into the appropriate vector to express the randomized antibody library. Compared with hybridoma technology, more antibodies can be obtained by recombining the immune library with the same immune donor, creating a more diverse range of rare natural antibodies in vitro. The immune antibody library can be used to isolate non-immune libraries that are not prone to obtain antibodies which are specific properties that human immune and disease-related, and can also be used for molecular-level immunity system research. Immunization libraries can also maintain links between heavy and light chains in natural cells if necessary, and can also amplify individual cells with high throughput. Multiple circular screening is done after completing the construction of the antibody library to obtainthe eligible antibody.

Advantages of antibody library techniques to obtain monoclonal antibodies:

  • Exempting the cell fusion from the protocol avoids having to repeat the cumbersome subcloning procedure, which can cause unstable hybrid tumors.
  • Expanded screening capacity; hybrid screening techniques can be applied to thousands of clones, and the antibody library can screen more than 106 clones
  • It is easy to construct a variety of genetically engineered antibodies with the antibody gene obtained directly from antibody library techniques.
  • Antibodies obtained by antibody library techniques can be expressed in E. coli, allowing the advantages of a prokaryotic expression system to be utilized in some assays.
  • Antibodies such as poor immunogenic antibodies, toxic antigen antibodies, and some human antibodies that are difficult to obtain with other techniques can be yielded more easily with antibody library techniques.

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