Natural compounds are widely used in medicine and other fields. The traditional methods of chemical synthesis and extraction of natural compounds from natural resources are not only complex, but also costly. Therefore, the use of synthetic biology technology to produce these natural compounds through the transformation of microorganisms has become a research hotspot.

For the natural compounds that have been identified, the aim of mass production of natural compounds by microbial engineering bacteria can be achieved through synthetic biology, construction and optimization of key heterologous enzymes, cell metabolic pathway optimization, editing of cell genomes, and other methods (Fig. 1A). For natural compounds that have not yet been identified, we can use a large number of omics data combined with enzyme design and other methods to produce new natural compounds (Fig. 1B).

Figure 1. Summary of the current synthetic biology strategies and tools for the
production of natural compounds. (Biochemistry 2019, 58, 11, 1454-1456)
With the development of science and technology such as systems biology, metabolic engineering, computer science, and machine learning, it is expected to integrate these technologies to explore and optimize the process of gene regulation and metabolism, so as to promote the process of producing natural compounds by synthetic biology.

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Reference: Biochemistry 2019, 58, 11, 1454-1456