Lentiviral vectors provide the means to yield stable integration of genetic components for the sustained expression or knockdown of genes of interest. Lentiviruses additionally provide the ability to transduce dividing and non-dividing cells with long-term expression. For their utility in producing stable vector integration into a host genome, lentiviral constructs have been used extensively in the functional analysis of genes. Lentiviral gene transfer allows for stable and conditional transgene expression in a wide variety of target cells, including non-dividing hematopoietic stem and neuronal cells. Lentiviral infection has advantages over other gene therapy methods including high-efficiency infection of dividing and non-dividing cells, long-term stable expression of a transgene, and low immunogenicity.

Syno® Lentivirus Production Procedure

Infectious lentiviruses have three main genes coding for the viral proteins in the order: 5´-gag-pol-env-3´. To improve safety, viral accessory genes are deleted, and essential genes are supplied in trans by the packaging and envelope plasmids. We use 3rd generation LV packaging plasmid which includes gag, coding for the virion main structural proteins; pol, responsible for the retrovirus-specific enzymes; and RRE, a binding site for the Rev protein which facilitates export of the RNA from the nucleus. To produce lentivirus particles, the transfer plasmid containing the gene of interest (GOI), the envelope plasmids, and the packaging plasmid are co-transfected into the packaging HEK293T cells. For our lentivirus packaging services, the lentivirus particles are purified using sucrose gradient ultracentrifugation to ensure safe use in vivo. Viral titer is then determined using quantitative real-time PCR.

Competitive Advantages

  • High Efficiency and Stable Expression: Highly and long-term expressed in both replicative and non-replicative cells with reasonable large transgene capacity (up to 8kb).
  • Highly Flexible Strategies: (1) You prepare your own transfer vector with gene of interest (GOI), shRNA or gRNA; (2) You provide us gene of interest (GOI), shRNA or gRNA, we subclone into transfer vector; (3) By using Synbio Technologies, we synthesize gene of interest (GOI), shRNA or gRNA or even whole transfer plasmid for you.
  • High Quality: We deliver high quality Ad. virus with stringent quality control; we guarantee 100% accuracy on all delivered gene products.
  • One-Stop Service: Our Syno-Adeno gene delivery service provides high quality one-stop Lentivirus packaging services from gene synthesis to virus packaging to save you time, labor, and money without you physically preparing anything.
  • Competitive Price: The whole package of one-stop services from gene synthesis, gene construction to virus package with pilot scale (10^10 Viral particles) starts as low as $950.
  • Technical Support: Professional team extensively-experienced in long gene synthesis and Adeno virus production is here for you to support your research.

Service Specifications

Services Turnaround Time Deliverables Price
Lentivirus Gene Delivery 2-4 weeks 2-10 µg transfer plasmid DNA, 200 µl of 10^10 VP (viral particle) $950