What is metagenome sequencing?

Metagenome is the study of the genome of the entire microbial community in a specific environmental sample. Using this approach, scientists can analyze the genetic composition and function of environmental micro-population, interpret the diversity and abundance of micro-populations, and explore the relationship between microorganism and environment, microorganism, and hosts.

Synbio Technologies’ metagenome sequencing service can detect whole genome DNA that was extracted from any starting source such as soil, air, water, silt, and intestinal flora etc. In addition to purified genomic DNA, we can also provide samples of soil, feces, fluids, and tissues etc.

Competitive Advantages

  • Higher throughput and shorter turnover times: Comprehensively detect the microorganism information in the ecological environment in as few as 20 business days.
  • Higher efficiency and faster sequencing speed: HiSeq 4000 sequencing platform generates high-quality sequencing data with longer read lengths.
  • Higher accuracy and more detailed information: Find high or low abundance species’ genes.
  • Experienced and professional: Multiple primers and scientific experimental design can meet various testing requirements.

Standard Metagenome Sequencing Process

Service Specifications

Service Items Sample Type Sequencing Platform Sample Standard
Metagenome Sequencing Metagenome Sample HiSeq 4000, PE150 Environmental samples: Soil, 5-10g; Faeces, 3-5g; Sediment: 5-10g; Liquid: 2ml.
Water body: filter with 0.22μm or 0.45μm filter membrane, water sample volume 5-10mL, optimum membrane area 3-4cm.
DNA: the total ≥ 1 μg, concentration ≥ 10 ng/μL, 1.8 < OD260/280< 2.0