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Recombinant Protein Expression Technology


Protein expression is the process by which a protein is produced in a cell. It involves the transcription of the protein's coding sequence into mRNA, followed by the translation of that mRNA into protein. various intracellular and extracellular factors can influence protein expression, including the cell's age, growth phase, and environment. In recent years, protein expression has been used increasingly in research and medicine. Recombinant protein expression technology is now widely used to produce proteins for use in life sciences, medicine, and other fields. This technology offers a number of advantages over traditional protein production methods, including shorter production times, higher [...]

Recombinant Protein Expression Technology2022-10-09T21:40:00-04:00

Plasmid Preparation Overview


Plasmids are very small, circular DNA molecules found in organisms such as bacteria and yeast that are capable of autonomously replicating independent of the cell chromosome. In genetic engineering, plasmid preparation allows for plasmids to be used as a vector for the target gene to be expressed normally in a new host organism. Plasmid Preparation Steps After PCR amplification of the exogenous DNA, the plasmid vector and the exogenous DNA fragment are cut with restriction endonucleases, respectively. Next, the DNA fragment is connected to the plasmid vector via DNA ligase and then transferred to the host bacteria. Lastly, the recombinant clone [...]

Plasmid Preparation Overview2022-10-09T21:07:47-04:00


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